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la Perruche is deeply invested in the production of high-quality cane sugar through three commitments

A committed company, recyclable packaging and the reclamation of every part of the sugar cane

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A committed company

  • 3,000 farms producing high-quality cane
  • 18,300 direct and indirect jobs are linked to the Cane-Sugar-Rum-Energy sector in Réunion
  • 80% of European cane sugar production comes from Réunion
  • 0 insecticide or fungicide on sugar cane
  • 145,000 tonnes of carbon saved each year thanks to the transformation of bagasse into electricity in the thermal power plants attached to the two factories on the island

Eco design


of la Perruche's product volume

is packaged in recyclable packaging (cardboard)

Objective of being 100% recyclable

by 2025

Every part of the cane is put to good use in the sugar refinery

At all stages of the sugar-refining process, each type of cane residue becomes a coproduct which is put to good use:

  • Scum: provides organic elements and is used by planters to fertilise the fields
  • Bagasse: cane fibre after grinding: it produces two sources of energy: steam which is used in the sugar-refining process, and electricity which supplies the Reunion grid
  • Molasses: is transferred to the three distilleries in Réunion for the production of traditional rum. It can also be used in local animal feed to increase the palatability of  foods.
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