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Sugar cane

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Discover the stages making la Perruche's history since its inception.

From selecting the right cultivar of sugar cane in Réunion to packaging in Nantes, la Perruche shows you its entire production process.

The main steps of the process for extracting sugar from sugar canes

  • Crushing:
    The sugar canes are finely cut and then pressed to extract their juice
  • Evaporation:
    The juice is concentrated into syrup, by heating using steam
  • Crystallisation:
    The syrup is seeded with small crystals: sugar crystals will then start to form. At the end of the crystallisation process, you have a pasty mass with sugar crystals
  • Centrifugation:
    The centrifuge separates the crystals from the pasty mass
  • Drying and storage:
    The sugar is then dried and stored

Sugar canes

The sugar canes are selected in Réunion and the cultivar improvement programme began in 1929. The objective was to create sugar cane cultivars that were suited to the island’s contrasting agricultural climate conditions. To find out more about the methods used and research, visit the eRcane site.

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Sugar factories

Sugar cane is produced in Réunion. The island now has 11 reception centres covering the entire island and 2 factories: the Gol and Bois-Rouge sugar factories. la Perruche’s sugar comes from the Gol factory, located in the southwest of the island.

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