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Individual portions

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la Perruche packages sugar for professional use with Sticks and packaged cubes to go with hot drinks.

The catering sector can draw on all the carefully preserved knowledge and expertise of la Perruche with our range of Sticks and bags. Cassonade or cubes, white or brown, la Perruche has a range of 100% pure cane sugars in individual Sticks. We have complete control of the chain from A to Z: from the sugar cane field to your hot drink.

This range exists in the following options :
Wrapped brown and white rough cut cubes
Wrapped brown and white rough cut cubes

2.5kg box

Cafe-rations_la Perruche

Our individual portions turn your coffee or tea break into a real experience. Our Sticks and wrapped cubes look great placed next to a cup and come in an elegant counter-top distributor in the colours of la Perruche.
Health and safety first: every portion is individually packed.
Our counter-top distributors as well as our sachet packaging are 100% recyclable.

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