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Cassonade brown sugar

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la Perruche Cassonade brown sugar is brown unrefined cane sugar extracted from the sugar cane grown on Réunion island.

Like fine gold, our Cassonade brown sugar is a high-quality flavour enhancer: It's a cooking must-have for successful bakes. Try it out on both sweet and savoury food. Sprinkle over crêpes, fruit or dairy products to add a golden sparkle full of aromatic notes. It goes perfectly with cocktails.

This range exists in the following options :

750g pack

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With its fine granules and golden colour, la Perruche’s Cassonade brown sugar is a premium product lauded by the world’s best chefs for incredible food experiences.

Our Cassonade brown sugar comes in a Doypack® to preserve all of its 100% pure cane flavour and aroma.

This packaging is sturdy and moisture-proof so it preserves all the cane sugar’s qualities.

The pourer on top means you can precision measure quantities when baking as well as making it easy to sprinkle fruit or dairy products.

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