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Chef Angelo Musa Meilleur Ouvrier de France World Pastry Cup champion

  • Servings Recipe for 15 tartlets people
  • Prep : 60 minutes
  • Cooking : 30 minutes
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Sweet pastry

  • 130 g butter
  • 85 g icing sugar
  • 35 g ground almonds
  • 2.5 g fine salt
  • 0.5 g lemon zest
  • 3 g vanilla powder
  • 215 g flour (T.55)
  • 45 g whole egg

Crème pâtissière

  • 150 g milk
  • 15 g cream 35% fat
  • 25 g caster sugar
  • 30 g egg yolk
  • 15 g corn starch
  • 15 g butter

Almond cream:

  • 65 g fresh butter
  • 65 g icing sugar
  • 65 g ground almonds
  • 30 g whole egg
  • 8 g rum
  • 25 g crème pâtissière
  • 5 g chopped mint

Lemon ganache

Hot infusion

  • 10 g mint
  • 170 g milk
  • 45 g glucose
  • 60 g fresh lime juice
  • 8 g yuzu juice
  • 4 g lime zest
  • 4 g mint
  • 275 g white chocolate


Lemon-mint gel

  • 40 g fresh lime juice
  • 40 g lemon juice
  • 15 g pear purée
  • 135 g water
  • 50 g La Perruche® brown sugar
  • 0.7 g xanthan gum
  • 6.5 g pectin 325NH95
  • 25 g mint


Lemon-mint marmalade

Light syrup


  • 250 g water


  • 165 g sugar


  • 50 g lemon segments, peeled and pith removed


  • 35 g water


  • 95 g lemon juice


  • 12 g La Perruche® brown sugar


  • 2 g agar-agar


  • 50 g poached lemon segments, peeled and pith removed


  • 20 g mint



  • 250 g fondant


  • 250 g glucose


  1. Sweet pastry:Soften the butter in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle beater. Mix in the icing sugar, ground almonds, fine salt, lemon zest and vanilla powder. Pour in the flour, mix until it resembles fine breadcrumbs, then finish with the eggs. Leave the pastry to rest in fridge for 2 to 3 hours.
  2. Crème pâtissière: Make a classic crème pâtissière. Cool quickly after cooking
  3. Almond cream:

    Cream the butter, add the icing sugar and ground almonds. Mix well, then gradually add the eggs, and the crème pâtissière mixed with the rum. Finish with the chopped mint.

  4. Lemon ganache: Infuse the mint in the hot milk for 10 minutes. Filter and reweigh the milk.

    Heat the infused milk, glucose, fresh lime juice, yuzu juice and lime zest to 90°C in a saucepan. Pour over the white chocolate and make a ganache. Finish by adding the mint and mix. Leave to solidify in a cool place, taking care to cover the ganache with cling film.

  5. Lemon-mint gel:

    Heat the juices and pear purée with the water to 40 °C. Pour in the pectin and xanthan gum mixed with the brown sugar. Bring to the boil and leave to rest for several hours before adding the mint leaves and mixing.

  6. Lemon-mint marmalade:

    Dip the lemon segments in the hot syrup for 10 minutes.

    Heat the water and lemon juice. Pour in the brown sugar mixed with the agar-agar at 40 °C. Bring to the boil, then chill for a few hours. Mix the marmalade before adding the lemon segments cut into small pieces, and the chopped mint.

  7. Opaline:

    In a saucepan, cook the fondant and glucose together at 140-150 °C. Immediately pour onto a silicone mat and leave to cool at room temperature. Blend in a food processor and set aside immediately in an airtight tin to protect from moisture.

    Return to a silicone baking mat, and using a fine sieve, sprinkle on a thin, even layer. Cut to the desired diameter with a pastry cutter and bake for a few seconds at 150 °C.

  8. Assembly and finishing:

    Line a baking sheet and blind bake the 2 mm thick sweet pastry bases for around 15 minutes at 150 °C. Cover with a thin layer of a mixture of egg yolks (100 g) and single cream (25 g). Bake for a further 8 minutes at 150 °C.

    Pipe 15 g of almond cream onto the tart bases, then bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 150 °C. Leave to cool and garnish with slightly rounded lemon ganache filling. Smooth one side with the lemon-mint gel, and place a little lemon-mint marmalade in the centre. Finish with a disc of opaline.

Chef's tip

Freshness, acidity, zing! You’ll find an entire alchemy of tastes, textures and colours in this summery lemon tart. The freshness and delicacy of the brown sugar brings out the flavours of each element for a masterful finishing touch!

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