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Exceptional products since 1890

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With exclusive processes and unique recipes, la Perruche know-how has been preserved from its very inception.

The founding brand within the Pure Cane sector, and present for more than 130 years, la Perruche entices with its delicious amber colour and its aromatic notes of Bourbon vanilla and caramel. Rough cut cubes, brown sugar, cubes and loose sugar for professionals: discover all the products from la Perruche.

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Rough cut cubes

la Perruche rough cut cubes are an exceptional product. They are genuine 100% pure cane gems, made using a la Perruche exclusive process. Available in white, brown and mini brown cubes to titillate your senses.

Individual portions

la Perruche is also available in varieties suitable for professionals: individual portions (Sticks and packaged rough cut cubes) to accompany your customers' hot drinks and in a large volume 5kg bag for Cassonade, for making delicious baked goods.

Individual portions