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la Perruche,

Pure cane since 1890 Discover our products
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la Perruche,

Pure cane since 1890 Discover our recipes
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la Perruche,

Pure cane since 1890 Read our story
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Faithful to our traditions

An icon of French sugar cane history, la Perruche is part of our gastronomic and cultural heritage. Since 1890, la Perruche has has embodied the French chic and refinement that the world envies both in France and far beyond its borders. This is how la Perruche became both iconic and representative of the highest degree of sophistication.

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A different kind of
la Perruche sugar
for every occasion

With exclusive processes and unique recipes, la Perruche's know-how has been preserved from its very inception. la Perruche's range includes Cassonade brown sugar, brown and white rough cut cubes, minis, cubes and Sticks.

Brown rough cut cubes

250g box

la Perruche
in the kitchen

Enter the world of la Perruche with incredible recipes for exceptional food you can share with everybody.

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