la Perruche is taking flight alongside Angelo Musa

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Angelo Musa, Pastry World Champion and Best Craftsman of France, is taking la Perruche under his wing.

Constantly seeking excellence and refinement, Angelo Musa is taking advantage of this unprecedented collaboration, becoming an ambassador for our la Perruche cane sugar and honouring the French gastronomic heritage that he is so fond of.

Angelo Musa tells us about his commitment to la Perruche Cassonade brown sugar!

la Perruche

As a symbol of French gastronomic excellence, la Perruche is part of our gastronomic and cultural heritage. Cassonade and rough cut cubes have been a founding part of the Pure Cane segment for more than 130 years, and have thus become the emblem and symbol of the greatest refinement, featuring on French café terraces as well as in the most famous restaurants and hotels on the five continents.

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Angelo Musa

World Pastry Champion in 2003 and Best Craftsman of France in 2007, Angelo is fascinated by the creation of flavour that he expresses through sought-after texture combinations. He is a true free spirit, constantly redefining the contours of his pâtisserie to create something new, combining his passion and his expertise. Where enhanced tastes, elevated pairings and beautifully designed visuals meet, he brings to bear a creative force to reveal a synergy of unique materials and flavours.

la Perruche * Angelo Musa

It is only natural that the idea should come to the Chef and to la Perruche to create new signature recipes that will contribute to enhancing the cane sugars, craftsmanship and savoir faire of la Perruche.

« In terms of taste, la Perruche Cassonade is unique: it does not only possess sweetening power, above all, it brings genuine texture with its notes of vanilla and caramel. Its crunchy texture gives it a distinctive character while the vanilla flavour is what makes it so refined. Vanilla being my favourite ingredient, I’m particularly pleased and also inspired to create new recipes with la Perruche Cassonade brown sugar »

La Perruche is therefore partnering with this exceptional chef, known for his excellence in France and all over the world.

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la Perruche is taking flight alongside Angelo Musa

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