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Rough cut cubes

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Rough cut cubes are an exceptional product. They are genuine 100% pure cane gems, made using a la Perruche exclusive process.

These unrefined cubes, a blend of fine sugar and big cane granules, partially melt in hot drinks but still create that lovely crunch at the end of the drink. They have won over even the biggest chefs and the finest gourmet palates across the whole world, thus becoming really representative of the brand and the symbol of extreme refinement. Whether they're white or brown, they combine harmoniously in your sugar bowl because they look just as good as they taste! They're available in white, brown or mini brown cubes to suit everyone.

This range exists in the following options :
Brown rough cut cubes
Brown rough cut cubes

250g box


Our white cubes stand out for their inimitable shape, bringing a touch of elegance to any tea or coffee break.

The brand’s iconic uniquely shaped cubes make for sweet little titbits with their unparalleled shape, visible sugar crystals, warm amber colour and caramel and Bourbon vanilla notes.

Those who like espresso with a hint of sweetness love our mini cubes.

Packed in 100% cardboard packaging, our la Perruche rough cut cube boxes are therefore 100% recyclable.

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