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An icon of French sugar cane history, la Perruche is part of our gastronomic and cultural heritage.

At the end of the 18th century, France was the first country to commercialise sugar cane in Europe. Based on authentic sugar cane juices and island fragrances, the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation.

The Port of Nantes thus played a key role in the transformation of the sugar cane arriving from the islands.

In 1889, the unique flavour of the brown cane sugars won multiple medals at the Paris World Fair. The following year, this exceptional recognition gave rise to the « la Perruche » brand, originating from Reunion Island.

Tereos, the group to which the brand belongs, still retains these strong links with Reunion Island, where our sugars are produced, and also with Nantes where they are packaged.

Our key dates

  • 1836: Candiserie Cossé-Duval created in Nantes (candy cane sugar)
  • 1889: the company was awarded a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle world fair in Paris
  • 1890: beginning of la Perruche: our symbol was added to the cane sugar
  • 1913: registration of the « A la Perruche » trademark
  • 1937: buyout of the factory by the heirs of Louis Say
  • 1973: creation of the Béghin Say group (Béghin + Say)
  • 1996: « A la Perruche » became « la Perruche »
  • 2003: creation of the Tereos group (Béghin Say + USDA + UBS)
  • 2020: 130 years of the brand

Packaged in Nantes ever since they were created, la Perruche cane sugars are proud to look back on 130 years of history, heritage, and expertise.

Over 130 years, la Perruche has become a symbol of excellence and French gastronomy. It has earned a place on every table: both on French terraces and in the most reputable restaurants and hotels on all 5 continents. A hallmark of the utmost sophistication, it set out with the goal of satisfying every requirement, in more than 50 countries.

Present in more than 50 countries

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Our commitments

la Perruche invests in quality cane sugar through its 4 commitments.

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Our products

With exclusive processes and unique recipes, la Perruche’s know-how has been preserved from its very inception. la Perruche’s range includes Cassonade brown sugar, brown and white rough cut cubes, minis, cubes and Sticks.

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